After celebrating its forty fifth anniversary in the London market in 2021, Müller International is now one of the older established advisory firms.

The firm specialises in the two core services of investment advice and asset management. This allows Müller International levels of independence which are becoming extremely difficult to find in a consolidated advisory industry and amongst fund managers with brokerage subsidiaries.

Investors wishing to source and purchase commercial property in prime London locations and in the other major United Kingdom cities will get the independent and objective advice not available from selling agents/brokers or ‘first introducers’ following conventional practice.

Examples of the properties that we have advised our clients on acquisition or sale, and those we manage, appear throughout this website.

Our clients

Originally established to facilitate cross-border property transactions between the UK and continental Europe, Müller International has assisted a range of investors to participate in the growing global trend of cross-border investment including:

  • Open-ended and closed property investment funds
  • Sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies and pension funds
  • Banks, property companies, and industrial groups
  • Private investors.

Our track record

After forty five years activity in the London and UK market Müller International offers an impressive track record and client list, supported by a deeply- rooted network of contacts within the UK property investment community.

The firm is led by Peter Shapeero, who has a long and successful career with European, UK and Far Eastern clients in the investment market.

Müller International is distinguished by its independence and highly personalised service. In an era of consolidation among property advisory firms and asset managers that has narrowed choice for clients, Müller International’s approach can be contrasted with full-service global firms where ‘biggest is best’ claims tend to pre-dominate.

We appreciate the professional and personal service provided by Müller and especially that our main point of contact is a senior surveyor

- Hansainvest

Müller are always proactive in advising on ways of improving the value of our assets.

- iii investments

I would say that there is too much ‘truthiness’ in the markets these days, the more so in these so-called post-factual times.

- Peter Shapeero

Inheriting systems that had been poorly maintained, the Müller team has progressively addressed and resolved the concerns that we have had for a number of years.

- Bircham Dyson Bell

We have been impressed by the quality of service of Müller’s client accounting and facilities management teams

- Hansainvest

We are impressed by the professionalism and Müller’s proactive and dedicated approach.

- Credit Suisse Asset Management

Group think can be dangerous. Conventional wisdom has a nasty habit of being proved wrong, just when you least expect it. It’s always good to get an independent view.

- Peter Shapeero

We have found Müller to be highly professional and efficient, taking a “pro-active” approach to asset and property management.

- Aberdeen Immobilien

Regular audits done by ourselves provide the highest transparency and no query remains unreplied.

- Credit Suisse Asset Management

Müller provide a personalised service which is backed up by onsite supervision through well trained Building Managers and Facilities Management support.

- Gardiner & Theobald

The old mantra of client first, firm second, self third sometimes seems hopelessly old-fashioned as nowadays the order seems so often reversed.

- Peter Shapeero

There’s been far, far more money made by people in the markets through salesmanship abilities than through investment abilities

- with apologies to Warren Buffett.

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